We assist in the idealization, planning and implementation of financial and operational processes, through an external and independent view. We seek to execute strategies that are effective and exclusive for each client, thus establishing efficient results in their projects.

Fiscal and Tax

We assist in the managerial and operational decision, ensuring the fiscal responsibility of the companies before the Federal, State and Municipal spheres. Technically viable alternatives are prepared and committed to current legislation, in order to avoid undue disbursements or fines resulting from non-compliance with tax obligations.

Tax and Tax Consulting encompasses the following services:

  • Specific works for calculating and recovering out of time tax credits, such as PIS, COFINS, IPI and ICMS;

  • Specialized advice on tax operations processes;

  • Diagnosis of the tax situation, with the determination of possible risks;

  • Review of tax procedures, targeted incentives;

  • Mapping of the company's operation to adapt to SPED's;

  • Tax consultancy in general.


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